DR Wireless

Digital Wireless Flat Panel Detector (FPD)


Brand: Ultramedic

Warranty: 18 months

We deliver worldwide with very competitive price the best products for veterinary image diagnostic. Our company is exclusively dedicated to work in veterinary image field, offering the best products available with affordable prices. 

Easy connection! Fast transfer, perfect image! All the best in digital veterinary image is here!

With this great wireless FPD you may use your generator to get digital image, no need to buy a new one. With "free sync", the new technology available for this flat panel is very easy connect any portable or table generator to digital world.


Veterinary software is user friendly. To get an image is simple, no need "click", just shoot and wait few seconds to see the image on your notebook or desktop. 


We do all software instalation by Internet or we go to your site install the system for you anywhere in the world*! It is up to you.


The calibration of RX / DR is also very simple.


This FPD has software inside! It means no matter you use one or other generator, the image will be always best. After "shooting" the software inside FPD analyze image and apply the filtering in view to you get the best resolution.


Price only US$ 29.990,00.


* air tickets and travel expenses not included

Produto DR Wireless