Infinit 1V is a smart veterinary ultrasound. We sell this product only with linear rectal probe for application in big animals. It is a special system developed for veterinaries that works with reproduction and need a small system, portable system, robust ultrasound, smart, fast, simple to use and long time life with good image quality.


This system, even in a very small size has great image quality, much better than similiar models.


The system has 2 batteries, each one holds for 2.5 hours. It is only system with "trackball" which makes easy measure and use other tools. The boot up time is only 1 second, no losing time. Also, when you buy this system you get a water proof cover for all the system, so you have no problem about dirty or dust. The probe has "freeze" button on cable. The keyboard is smart, so you don't need enter "Menu" and find the options you need, it is almost all at one click. To save images on pen drive is easy. If you change parameters and image is not good is simple to recover factory presets. 

We are making a video of the system that will be available soon, if you need more info about this system please contact us, you are welcomed.


We deliver worldwide. 

System, 1 Probe + 1 battery only 1.2Kg. 

System, 1 probe, 2 batteries, all acessories and professional hard case about 7Kg.

Produto INFINIT 1V